When Is The Best Time For Cleaning Your Boat To Stop The Spread Of Aquatic Nuisance Species

? When is it safe to use your boat again?

When the hulls are dry, when there are no more eggs or larvae left in carpets and mattresses, when the water has cleared up. If you’ve cleaned them correctly then they should be fine for a few months at least. I have had problems with an infestation that was 10 years old after just 6 months of not using my boat (I used to take it out every weekend). Ensure you thoroughly clean all surfaces around any drains (or even inside if possible) before storing the boat away; also ensure that everything is sealed properly by replacing screws/bolts etc. As well as preventing future infestations this will prevent any new ones forming. Don’t leave anything plastic on your floorboards either, which can act like an incubation chamber for these little critters (e.g. carpets).