When Is The Best Time For An Athlete To Attempt To Optimize Weight And Change Body Composition?

The most important nutrition principles to consider when trying to optimize weight and change body composition are: caloric balance, time, selecting the right macronutrient(s), rest period between training sessions, appropriate intensity during a given period of time, and frequency. The same principle applies whether you are an elite athlete or just someone who is looking to get into shape.

Caloric Balance

The first factor that must be considered when trying to achieve optimal results is caloric balance. Athletes need more calories than nonathletes because they have higher energy requirements for their sport. Sports specific activities require approximately 2000-3000 extra calories per day compared with sedentary individuals due in part to increased muscle mass required for high performance sports (National Strength & Conditioning Association [NSCA], 2013). This means athletes have a much greater energy expenditure than sedentary controls which requires additional intake of both energy stores (carbohydrates) as well as dietary fat if necessary in order maintain homeostasis while practicing their chosen sport at its highest level possible (Crandall et al., 1987). Therefore it should come as no surprise that anabolic steroids users attempting to lose body fat will often experience rapid weight loss while simultaneously reducing lean tissue mass. Typically this can take place after only 1-2 weeks on Trenbolone but other oral AAS may also cause significant initial increases in lean tissue mass which can lead some users directly out of steroid cycles before they start experiencing negative side effects such as gyne