When Is It The Best Time To Plant Potatoes


The best time to plant potatoes depends on the variety and the location. Many gardeners like to start their potato plants indoors and transplant them outside when they get big enough. But, you can also start your potato seedlings in pots or even directly in the ground if it’s a warm growing season where you live. Potato planting times will vary depending on what region of the country you live in and how much sun your area gets during that time of year (and even more so if it doesn’t). If you want to know exactly when is best for planting your potatoes, check out this chart from Penn State University:

We planted our first potatoes last summer around August 15th here in southern California right after we got them home from our local nursery. We were able to harvest a few small yellow varieties before frost hit! The flowers are amazing too – not sure why I didn’t take a photo before I harvested my first one! They have huge blue-purple petals that really stand out against all these other yellows coming up…