When Is It The Best Time To Buy A Car

that is depreciating ?

When you buy a car that is depreciating, it’s typically because the owner was not able to pay for its interest and principal over time. However, if the car has been well maintained and driven little, this will generally be offset by 2-3 years of depreciation anyway. The best time to buy a car like this is when the market price (MSRP) falls below what it would cost to keep up with depreciation and keep up with taking care of repairs/maintenance. That way, you’re not paying more than you have to!

I’ve read some good information about buying an older vehicle as opposed to new or used – does any one know where I can get such information?

Check out our Buying Tips article “Buying vs.” New Vehicle Information”. It provides helpful tips on deciding whether it makes sense to purchase a newer model versus an older model depending on your situation: Do You Need New Features? Age: When Does Your Car Have Gas Mileage Durability Condition What Is Your Budget Compared To The Competition