When Is It The Best Time To Aerate Your Lawn


Once a month, using a small hand aerator. Aerating makes the soil work less and allows water to drain faster from those areas where you want it to run down into your lawn’s root system. And as we all know, roots need oxygen to grow strong and healthy!

What should I do with my grass clippings? Where does the “chomp” clog up? What is compost? Should I use manure or just plain dirt in my garden and yard? Why/why not??

Compost: Composting is one of nature’s best ways for recycling organic materials that would otherwise go straight into the garbage dumpster. It also adds nitrogen (N) which helps improve plant growth – especially during dry conditions such as drought years. If you have weeds growing in your yard or gardens they will be happier if they are grown in an area rich with N content such as compost instead of being grown on concrete or other hard surfaces which prevent their roots from accessing oxygen resources needed for healthy growth. You can easily make homemade compost by combining food scraps (i.e., banana peels, apple cores), leaves, grass cuttings and even coffee grounds with straws attached to create a mulch over freshly seeded flowerbeds etc.. You can also purchase ready made bags of “compost” at most garden supply stores but those may contain chemicals used for weed control so consider making your own instead! The Home Depot carries bags of no-m