What Time Is The Best Time To Vote


Voting in the midterm elections is generally a good time to vote, although it’s not always easy to get there on time. In order for your ballot to be counted, you must bring identification with you when you go vote. Polls will also close 30 minutes earlier during early voting and 17 days before Election Day. You can check if your polling place has been moved from its normal location by checking the Secretary of State website at www.maine.gov/sos or call 521-2200 (SOS), 752-1020 (Election Assistance) or 1-800-462-8683 (TDD). Please note that poll sites cannot be changed after Nov. 6th, 2016 due to voter eligibility requirements set forth in federal law and state statute .

Where do I cast my ballot? What are the rules about how I mark my ballot? If I live in an apartment complex what do I need? Where does my mail go when it arrives at the post office between election day and Election Day? When does my absentee ballot arrive in advance of an election? Can someone else sign for me while I am away on vacation or out of town on business travel outside Maine? How many ballots can we send via U S Mail Counting Rules