What Time Is The Best Time To See The Comet


The comet will be visible all night until about midnight. It will brighten and fade throughout the night, but generally it should remain in good to excellent binocular/small telescope visibility (depending on your location) for at least 10 hours. The last quarter Moon sets around 9:30pm; the end of the evening period is best after that time.

11 What can I do with a comet?

Like any other astronomical object, comets are great subjects for amateur astronomers because they’re interesting objects to look at and often spectacular when they get close enough to Earth! For many people, comets are an important part of their understanding of astronomy because so much information about them comes from scientific studies by professional researchers. Amateur astronomy has never been more popular than it is right now: this book couldn’t even exist without the Internet and today’s freely available databases! But there’s no reason why you can’t use these wonderful phenomena to learn something yourself too – just like everyone else does when they see pictures or videos online or read accounts in books such as this one! And if you’re interested in helping scientists study comets then there are plenty of opportunities for you too – check out our website http://www.cometwatch.org which lists current observing campaigns using large telescopes worldwide plus lots more information on how amateur astronomers contribute to science through projects such as Lowell Observatory’s Online Associations program (see page 34). You’ll find that not only did we have some fun