What Time Is The Best Time To See The Comet Tonight

, and what time can I expect to see it in the constellation Orion?

You will have two opportunities on Saturday, October 20th. The first opportunity is at 6:30pm EDT (and 7:30 PM MDT), when comet Holmes appears in the southeastern sky near bright stars Aldebaran and Fomalhaut. At that time, our planet is facing straight into the Sun’s glare through Earth’s own atmosphere (hence why observing hours are limited; you shouldn’t be out this late). But Comet Holmes will appear only 2 degrees away from these bright stars—the width of your fist held at arm’s length! See if you can spot it with binoculars or a small telescope. You’ll need an eyepiece or camera lens powerful enough to show up against such brilliant background light.

The second viewing opportunity comes just before sunrise tomorrow morning, Sunday, October 21st. As Mercury leaves its shadow early on Sunday morning, look for Comet Holmes near Venus in the eastern pre-dawn sky high overhead in the constellation Leo Minor (see below). It still won’t be visible without binoculars or even a small telescope because of all that sunlight reflecting off Earth’s atmosphere… but it may catch your eye with obvious naked-eye brilliance nonetheless! And remember: If you do see something like this tonight or tomorrow night during daylight hours over land—again note carefully any geographic location so we know where to send people who report seeing something interesting—make sure