What Month Is The Best Time To Sell Your House


The best time to sell your house depends on several factors, including where and how you live and the overall state of the economy. The average home sale price in February is $255,838. That’s a whopping $55,185 difference between February and January — nearly double the national median single-family home sale price for all months since 2000. A weak housing market usually leads to lower demand for homes at any given time of year—and so it does this year. But don’t expect prices to plummet across the board throughout 2018 either: As noted above, some areas will see more dramatic drops than others this year. For example, if you are considering selling your house in Honolulu right now (which might not be ideal), then yes…it may be better to wait until next month! While there are many things that can affect sales activity during any particular month or quarter—any one factor has little influence over whether or not a buyer will actually purchase a property when they decide which one(s) they want most in an area where they plan on living long term (usually well over six months).

What happens when I sell my house?

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