What Is The Best Time To Wash Clothes


In our humid climate, we recommend washing your clothes at the beginning of a new month. By doing so, you will get a fresh start and avoid using dryer sheets which can cause added odors or shrinkage in your clothing. Also by removing the day’s fragrance from your clothes while they are still clean it will help to reduce any odor coming from other cleaning solutions or detergents that may be used for other household chores.

What is the best way to wash my bedding?

Wash all bedding together on cold/delicate cycle with no bleach and no fabric softener added. If you have allergies, do not use heavy duty detergent as this can set off an allergy response. When ironing make sure to turn down heat setting if needed and don’t over steam! Always toss out leftovers after every load of laundry – this includes towels but also make up bags, underwear…