What Is The Best Time To Turkey Hunt

in the fall?

While it’s a popular misconception that turkey hunting peaks during winter, surveys have shown this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, hunters from all over North America consistently tell us they get their best results in late autumn and early winter.

Fall may be a little cooler than summer, but there are several advantages to going after turkeys when the weather is chilly:

Turkey gobblers tend to sit higher in trees in colder weather because they’re trying to keep warm by conserving energy. Their nests are warmer than ours – so you can expect ’em up high!

The air is clearer at dusk, which makes for better visibility of your quarry while huntin’.

In addition to being more comfortable on foot due to cooler temperatures, you’ll also find yourself enjoying much more solitude out there with no other hunters or dogs around! You should be able to pick off birds without any interference from other humans or animals…and enjoy some quiet time alone with nature!