What Is The Best Time To Take Simvastatin


the best time to take simvastatin is at the onset of symptoms. However, it is not necessary to wait until you have actually had a heart attack.

If you are taking it for preventing one, then start as soon as possible after your first symptom begins. If you are starting to prevent another heart attack, don’t delay beyond the previous scheduled dose-reduction date (usually 3 months) unless advised otherwise by a doctor or pharmacist. Another option would be to increase the dose gradually once every 2-3 weeks over a period of 1 month or so until your optimum dose has been reached – this will give you more control over how fast your cholesterol levels drop and what dosage is needed from thereon in order to keep them down without problems such as tiredness and nausea on top of that. This way there should be no need from either side if any difference between doses leading up to an eventual reduction in dosage because of too much lability / euphoria / dizziness etc…etc…when going down slowly enough during the following few weeks with little change in level taken before increasing again slightly sooner than expected or perhaps around 6th week onwards maybe?