What Is The Best Time To Send An Email


The best time to send email is when your recipient is most likely to be available. For example, if they are at home you can wait for them to get off of work or go out on a date with their spouse/significant other. If they are at the office you can wait until after lunch so they have already had some downtime.

You should also consider how busy your recipients are and what kind of environment they’re in when receiving an email from you versus more casual environments during the day or weekend. Most people read their emails immediately upon arriving at work whereas others might not finish reading it until later in the day, which gives you an idea of where your message will fit into their schedule right away vs over time depending on where that person works and lives.

Do I need to write my subject line? Who cares? What about my cover letter? How do I find this? Can I call him/her up instead?

Your subject line (the part above the @ sign) has around 60% influence over whether someone opens your email; therefore, make sure it gets opened! People open emails based on emotion which means that if there is no emotional attachment behind something then nobody will open it. You want people to feel like they need to take action because there must be value behind whatever message is being sent with no hidden agenda attached; hopefully, though, there will be some form of interest in whatever content follows thus opening up further opportunities down the