What Is The Best Time To Post To Instagram

to get followers?

It’s a misconception that posting to Instagram is the best way to increase your follower count. In reality, you shouldn’t be focusing on just getting more followers when you post. When it comes to any social media platform, including Instagram, there are better ways for marketers and brands to use these channels in order to reach their goals and create a sustainable brand presence.

If what you want is engagement with consumers or potential customers, then sending out an “in-the-moment” snap will be much stronger than posting later in the day when people have already left work and gone home. If this has been true in the past year or two as many mobile users check social media before logging off at night (and stay up late) then it holds true today. And if your audience consists of younger generations — who tend not share stuff — they aren’t going to see anything new from their favorite companies unless something genuinely interesting breaks through during those random moments throughout the day where boredom hits them like a ton of bricks: weekdays at 1pm after lunch; weekends after dinner; while waiting for appointments etc… Or even just hitting ‘like’ buttons because that interaction feels good somehow… all of which can happen within seconds after seeing content that catches their attention online prior taking time away from checking other platforms such as Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat etc.. So why wait until later? Especially considering how close we live together now