What Is The Best Time To Go To Thailand


i have a bunch of questions about going to thailand. I want to go there sometime in the next 6 months, but not sure when is best. How long should i stay? Do you know any places that are great for food and nightlife like bangkok or khaosan road (grapefruit) ? Any tips would be appreciated! thanks 🙂

You could visit Thailand during your China trip – it’s only 2-3 flights away from Shanghai & Hong Kong, so an overnight layover shouldn’t be too much hassle. Here’s what I advise: book a hotel outside Bangkok (like Krabi or Chiang Mai), then use the day(s) before/after your main trip to explore Bangkok – you can really see all its highlights in just one day! Once back home in Europe, take at least 1 week off work making up for lost time by travelling around Asia again 🙂 You might also consider visiting Phuket instead of Pattaya if you’re looking for something less seedy…but do both equally well 😉 Also check out my post “10 Tips For First Time Travellers” here on the forum if you need help with planning 😀 Hope this helps!