What Is The Best Time To Fish Today


BEST TIME TO FISH: Best time to fish is from dawn ’til dusk. I recommend a rod with a reel that can hold at least 30 lbs of line, preferably 40 lbs. Hooks and lures are important too just in case you hook up with a decent size bass.

WHAT REELS SHOULD WE BUY? First off, my personal preference is for Shimano reels as they have been around for many years and have proved themselves very reliable over the course of time. But if money is an issue, then try out either Daiwa or Orvis reels as those brands have been around longer than Shimano has and their quality will be comparable also! Prices on these reels range between $80 – $200 depending on how fancy you want your reel to look like 🙂 Anyway if you would rather stick with one brand then go ahead but do yourself a favor and check out the reviews before purchasing anything online so that you know what other fishermen think about each model. Also it’s always good to look into where the angler/fisherman got his used gear from because most times bad things happen when people buy from unknown places…you might end up getting junk instead of high-quality product! One more thing i’d like to mention here is that don’t feel pressured by these guys who herd us towards buying expensive equipment all day long simply because they’re sponsored by certain sponsors (like me). Yes some companies offer better deals than others