What Is The Best Time To Fish For Bass


The best time of year for bass fishing is fall right after the first frost. The water temperature drops and oxygen levels rise making it more conducive to catching largemouths, smallmouths and rockbass. The average daytime temperatures are 60-65 degrees in September through October which can be very warm if you’re not used to the weather. I recommend bringing a jacket with you during this time since nights can get quite cold (especially on Lake Okeechobee). As long as there isn’t any rain or lightning during your trip then night fishing will also be an option if you have a flashlight handy along with some glowsticks! You don’t want to fish all night without being able to see what you’re doing so make sure that your eyes are adjusted properly before heading out on the lake at night.

What should I bring? What are some things that I shouldn’t bring?

When preparing for any type of camping or wild life field trip always take into consideration that what might seem like it wouldn’t attract animals could actually do just the opposite! Things such as trash bags filled with food scraps, human waste etc really do attract bears especially ones accustomed to humans feeding them by hand or setting up bear huts in areas where people commonly feed them. So please keep this in mind when planning your trip! It’s extremely important not only because bears may become aggressive but also because they’ll most likely smell these items left behind from