What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Hawaii


In terms of the best time to visit, one person’s opinion is as good as another. The opinions vary based on where you are visiting from and what your priorities are. In general though, our experts say that March-May or September-November tend to be high season for Hawaii; June-August tends to be low season; and December thru February is often a great time to come if you’re looking at doing some diving or hiking in particular places like Waikiki Beach Park (that’s why we strongly recommend booking your vacation around those months). We’ll talk more about those times below. For peak travel seasons, see our peak travel periods page here: https://www.hawaiitravelersblog.com/peak_travel_periods

How much should I budget per day?

For Hawaii it really depends on what you plan on doing and how long you think you want stay there each day – but generally we find most people average $200-$300 per day – so keep this in mind when considering getting a package deal with airfare included because sometimes pricing can run up pretty quickly!

What type of accommodations should I choose? And which island? From Honolulu Harbor Hotel down south all the way up north… Which beach resort do YOU recommend?? What would YOU pick??? Use “The Reservation Engine” tool above to select your preferred location & dates.. Then click the “Reserve It!” button directly underneath that selection!! You don’t