What Is The Best Time Of Year To Go To Iceland?

Iceland is beautiful in all seasons, but summer and spring are the best for photos. Iceland has a very short winter season (June 21 – August 1), so you’d be able to enjoy the landscapes even if it was freezing cold outside your window! You could also check out other aspects of Icelandic culture during this time: The Viking Festival in Hafnarfjörður takes place every year from mid-April until late May, boasting parades, arts and crafts shows, live music concerts and fireworks; Orkustofnun (The National Museum) is hosting an exhibition on the Vikings which runs from September 18th to November 30th; And many visitors flock to Reykjavik City Center at night during ‘Laugarvirkjun’ (Nightlife Street Party!) which goes on until March 31st. I can’t wait! 🙂