What Is The Best Time Of Day To Weigh Yourself


Weighing yourself in the morning can give better results than weighing yourself in your evening. Evening weight is often affected by factors such as what you ate for dinner, stress levels and other health issues. Also, it could be that your body doesn’t own to take time off for lunch at work today; therefore, you end up eating more calories overall (an average sized meal would only consist of 280 calories). Weight fluctuations are usually small when you weigh yourself after work or school hours versus before bedtime.

What if I don’t weigh myself every day? Should I still make sure to get on a schedule?

Yes! Even though many people aren’t weighed daily due to circumstances like not having access to scales or forgetting altogether, there’s no harm in making sure that you do eventually track your progress using a scale each week – even if it’s just once a month. Most importantly: check your motivation level first! If something happens during the week where going on a diet seems impossible – think about stopping tracking until next Friday or Saturday so that things can settle down again and then start back with this routine once more!

How accurate should my scale be? How important is accuracy? Is there any difference between brands besides price tag?

Accuracy varies from brand to brand based on their manufacturing processes but some generic models will have an accuracy rating of ± 0.5 kg compared with ± 1% which means they offer an error within