What Is The Best Time Of Day To Water Your Lawn


See what other people are doing. What time of day do they water their lawn? When does it dry out the fastest? Do they ever apply any kind of fertilizer, and if so how often? Are there a lot of different plants in your yard that need specific things—like shade or full sun—and will watering on a schedule work for all those plants?

Step 5: Choosing Your Source Water Source Water is essential to growing healthy plants, but not everyone lives near a river, lake, or well. I live close enough to city water that I can use my own meter for checking pH levels and making adjustments as needed. But some gardeners don’t have access to running water at all! So where do you get your source water from then? There are many options available these days including rainwater harvesting systems. You can also purchase bottled “well water” or reverse osmosis filtered tapwater which is readily available at most grocery stores nowadays even though it may be more expensive than buying unfiltered tapwater (which is what we used when we first moved here). Whatever option you choose make sure whatever method you go with has been tested by an independent lab such as NSF International (www.nsf.org), NSF/ANSI 7 Standard 42-1993 Certified Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program) and meets the criteria listed below:

Source Water Criteria: Maintains optimal levels of dissolved oxygen; ensures proper pH