What Is The Best Time Of Day To Vote

in the US?

A: The best time to vote is in the morning and before lunch. Voting during lunch breaks can be difficult, because people may have busy schedules and there isn’t much left-over time after work for them to cast their ballots. Polls usually open at 7 AM local time and close between 1:00 PM – 3:30PM EDT (depending on your state).

Q: What are some interesting facts about voting? Can I watch a video of one? How many Americans vote early or leave it until Election Day? Is voter fraud common or rare? Why do elections take so long in America sometimes compared to other countries like Canada where they hold elections every three years instead of four years as we do here in the US. If you could change anything about our election system what would it be, especially with regards to voting laws that were put into place since 9/11, which was used as an excuse by those who didn’t approve of the outcome of our last Presidential Elections. These were not covered by my questions above but I wanted your answers anyway because mine weren’t comprehensive enough for me to give you any real information about these topics. Thank You!