What Is The Best Time Of Day To Drink Kombucha


The most popular time of day to drink kombucha tea is during the morning. The reason for this is that it helps you to start your day off right and sets a good example for your children, so they will want to drink kombucha tea as well! You can also enjoy kombucha tea in the evening if you prefer. Just remember, if you do decide on having a cup of hot or cold brewed kombucha tea before bedtime, keep it under 10 ounces because too much caffeine can disrupt sleep patterns.

I heard that Kombuchas are bad for my health or weight loss goals… What’s the scoop?

Kombs cost about $1 each at farmers markets and stores like Whole Foods Markets (WFM) and Wegmans – which is why we call them “budget beverages” – but we don’t recommend skipping out on these great probiotic-rich drinks! According to naturopathic physician Dr. Doris Jernigan: “You could miss out on countless benefits by thinking all probiotics are created equal… Some strains might be far less effective than others; however, no single strain has been found to be harmful in any way when consumed over an extended period of time (usually several months). Even those with sensitive guts should not worry since only 1%–2% of ingested bacteria make their way into gut tissue where they have a profound impact on overall health status—benef