The Best Time To Use Creatine

Creatine is best used before and after a workout. It can be taken in the morning, but you should wait at least four hours before eating any other food so that it doesn’t get broken down too quickly. You’ll want to consume creatine with water or juice as well, not coffee or tea which would break it down even more effectively.

What is creatine and what does it do?

Creatine is a molecule that helps create energy in muscle cells. The best time to use creatine before and after workout, best taken with water or juice not coffee or tea.

What are the benefits of using creatine?

  • increases lean mass
  • strength
  • reduces fatigue when working out
  • can also increase mental function during workouts such as an increased focus on exercise techniques and goals
  • improves sleep quality because you’re able to work out more intensely due to reduced fatigue from taking it before bedtime.

How to take creatine

Creatine is taken by mixing it with water or juice and then drinking the mixture. It’s best to take creatine 30 minutes before a workout, immediately after finishing your workout, and again 30 minutes before bedtime. Creatine is best taken orally on an empty stomach as opposed to having food in your stomach at the time of consumption.

How long does creatine last?

It will be out of the system within four days if you don’t use it consistently every day for hours each day that you work out but taking two doses per day can help extend this window up to seven days depending on how much you’re used consecutively using it daily and religiously. The best way to find out what works best for you personally would be by experimenting with different timings.

When not to take creatine

You shouldn’t take creative when:

  • you have an injury in the area that it is being used
  • if you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • if you suffer from kidney problems
  • you’re allergic or sensitive to it
  • you take a blood thinner like warfarin, heparin, and clopidogrel (blood thinners are prescribed for conditions such as deep vein thrombosis)

Possible side effects of creatine:

There’s no evidence to suggest that there are any long-term negative health consequences associated with taking creatine. However, some people experience digestive issues such as stomach cramping and diarrhea when they take creatine. Transient muscle pains can also occur because your muscles may be more susceptible to exercise-induced damage and injuries while on a supplement like this. Creatine also can cause dehydration so make sure you’re drinking enough water during use! You should speak with your doctor before starting any new supplement regimen including creatine just to check for potential drug interactions.

Why you should get your doctor’s approval

Talking to a doctor before taking creatine is a smart idea because creatine is best taken with food and your doctor may advise you to avoid taking this supplement if it conflicts with any other medications or supplements that you’re already on. Even if you aren’t on any medication, a physical can help you identify any underlying diseases that you may be unaware of.