The Best Time to Use a Breast Pump

You’re a mother, and you use a breast pump to feed your baby. You are going back to work soon, but you want to know when is best for you to use it? Should I be using the breast pump at night or in the morning?

If you’re planning to go back to work, pump before and after work

If you’re one of the many mothers who are planning to go back to work, it’s important that you pump before and after your shift. The best time for pumping is right after a feeding session while the milk is still flowing well. If you can’t find a private place where there might be fewer distractions, try asking your boss or coworkers if they’ll allow you to use their office space for this purpose. It will also help with your milk supply and make it easier for someone else to feed baby during the day if need be. 

Pumping in the morning can help reduce your baby’s fussiness by day’s end

We all know how hard it is to wake up in the morning and get that first meal into our little ones. It can be even more challenging when you’re also trying to pump breastmilk for your baby. But if you want less fussiness throughout the day, pumping in the morning might be a good idea!  

When travelling, keep pumping parts organized in a cooler bag with ice packs 

It can be hard to keep everything organized, but there is a great way to make it easy with the help of a cooler bag. If you’re travelling and need to pump milk while away from home here are some tips that will ensure you have all your pumping parts together and stay cool.

Buy an insulated cooler bag that is large enough for your supplies, fluids, ice packs or gel packs. Keep in mind that as ice melts it takes up more space so make sure your cooler bag has room for expansion.

This means getting one that is too big rather than too small! Pack snacks such as protein bars or granola bars (to keep mom’s energy levels up), bottles of water (to stay hydrated) and formula.

Consider renting or buying an electric breast pump if hand-pumping is difficult for you 

I know, I know. You’re not a cow and you don’t need to be milked. But if you’ve been struggling with hand-pumping your breast milk for weeks, or even months, it may be time to consider renting or buying an electric pump. The benefits of an electric pump include being able to set the speed (with certain pumps) and having an automatic shut off when done pumping. Plus you’ll get more milk per session because the motor will help move the let down reflex that is typically triggered by touch from someone else’s hands.

Try using lactation cookies or tea as snacks while breastfeeding – they contain nutrients that may promote milk production and reduce mastitis symptoms

Breastfeeding is hard work and can be a challenge to stay on top of. It’s important for new moms to find ways to keep up their energy levels while breastfeeding, and there are many ways they can do this. Some mothers may want to try lactation cookies or tea as snacks because these types of snacks are healthy and easy-to-make. Whether it’s an hour or two before bedtime, in the morning after breakfast, during a break at work—or any other time!—mothers should take advantage of these recipes that will help them continue breastfeeding successfully.