When Is The Best Time To Trim Cedar Hedges?

Are your cedar hedges starting to grow out of shape? If so, then it’s time to trim them. Trimming the hedges ensures they remain healthier and good-looking. However, doing it the first time can be a daunting task since cutting too deep will make the foliage stop growing back. It’s, therefore, crucial to trim the cedar to the right height.

Cedars are undemanding, gorgeous, and disease-resistant. They offer you the maximum privacy you need to keep your backyard in optimum condition. Additionally, the plants can survive in areas where other species cannot and only require sun and water to grow colorfully in your garden. Additionally, the thick hedges provide a sound and visual barrier to your home when maintained well.

About Cedar Hedges

Cedars are large coniferous evergreen trees usually planted in parks or streets. This is because of their large size, which makes them excellent windbreakers. It has both sexes on the same plant, and while the male flowers are yellow and drop during spring, the female flowers are green and produce cones. You will often find the cedar plants having many cones; these plants can be mainly female plants or stressed.

However, most homeowners have planted cedar in their homes to act as a fence for their residential property. These trees also grow quite fast and can be found in various climatic zones.

Tips for Trimming Cedar Hedges

You will only start pruning for the cedar plant after they are above 3 feet and during the second year. The hedges will start to mature this time, and you need to use the shortest plant to guide you when pruning the others. Also, trim the tops to make them even and lightly trim the sides.

Also, if you want the tree to grow in height, then avoid trimming the highest shoot. You only need to trim a little inch so that they will spread and grow taller. And to ensure the plants remain healthier, avoid cutting over a third of their height in a season.

When is the Best Time to Trim Cedar Hedges?

This will depend on some factors, but it’s usually once every year. Also, it depends on if you want your hedge to have a diverse growth or when you want to maintain its shape throughout the year. Allow the hedges to grow to about 5 cm tall annually. Usually, it would help if you trimmed them at the same time each year as it will benefit the hedge.

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Keeping your cedar hedges even and healthy is very crucial for their normal growth. Proper trimming keeps the hedges lively and also allows you to remove the ugly, diseased or dead plants at home.

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