Is Black Friday Really The Best Time To Shop?

Waiting all year to make a meaty purchase is almost second nature for most consumers. After all, you can get your hands on some of the best brand-name products for ridiculously low prices. Black Friday as a shopping holiday has given retailers a steady spike in sales.

Retailers know this is the best time to sell anything in their store but is it really the best time to be shopping? Many stores have been caught cheating their customers with deceiving pricing and faulty products, knowing that people are just looking for a deal.

Manufacturer’s Bad Batches

Not all products are created equally. If a television manufacturer produces a thousand TV sets, there may be a dozen or two defective units that aren’t quite suitable for being sold at retail stores. Instead of dismantling or throwing out these units, they get sold to retailers who don’t mind cheating their customers.

manufacturers bad batches black friday

Since all products face this same issue, every manufacturer has adopted this business model. It’s a great way for them to cut down on losses and it keeps the units out of landfills. In the end, the customer receives a product that may show defects and problems.

Have you ever wondered why Halloween candy is so cheap in October? Have you ever eaten this cheap, brand-name candy? It tastes nothing like the actual candy bar. These are the perfect example of how bad batches are redistributed.

Get The Warranty

Because these products will most likely fail, we advise you to get a strong warranty that covers the replacement of the product. Replacement products will almost always come from a good batch, especially if the brand cares about its reputation. The worst thing that could happen for them is to have a bunch of faulty products failing over and over.

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Inflating Product Prices Before Slashing Prices

Most retailers have been found guilty of raising the prices of all their products months before Black Friday. This creates a normalized view that customers believe that a two-hundred-dollar product is actually worth two-hundred and fifty dollars. When Black Friday rolls around, they knock fifty dollars off the price tag.

Inflating Product Prices Before Slashing Prices black friday

Most consumers want to feel like they’re getting a deal. Retailers know and understand the psychology behind this feeling and they’re great at providing this feeling. There is a reason why most stores will have a permanent “SALE” sign in their window. It’s because most people will only do their shopping if they believe the product is being sold at a discounted rate.

Scarcity Sells

Another small trick retailers use to get you to shop is to convince you of the very limited supply. One of the most common scarcity selling techniques is the “Door Crasher” flyer that a store will send you. These are products that are advertised as having a very low inventory and only the first people who show up to the store will be eligible to buy it.

sold out scarcity door crasher black friday

Once the product is sold, nobody else is allowed to buy more of it. Some stores may actually a healthy supply of this product and will only sell another set of them at a later date. This gets people to build lots of attention for the store’s sale and availability of certain items.