The Best Day and Time to Post on LinkedIn

How do you make the best use of LinkedIn? The best day and time to post on linkedin is Wednesday at 8am. If you don’t post at this time, then your posts will be pushed back for 2 weeks.

There isn’t a best day but there are best time slots: early morning (before people start their workday), midmorning (around lunchtime) and late afternoon before people head home from work. These three clusters correspond with points when many professionals may be updating LinkedIn as well so you will have greater engagement rates during these periods which can increase followers, likes and shares across all social media platforms. However, this also depends

What is the best day to post on linkedin?

If you want your updates delivered as soon as possible, it’s best that you publish them during a weekday morning hours of 08:00-09:30 and 16:00-17:30 GMT. More than half of all clicks happen before noon in Europe or North America so if most people are online now, they’re more likely to see what you write there. What are some good times to post on Linkedin? It’s best not too early because few people use their social media accounts first thing in the morning.

How often should you post on linkedin

The frequency of your posts should depend on how much time you have. If your best hours are the morning hours, then publish one post per week in these times. It’s best not to overwhelm people with too many posts because if they’re uninterested, they’ll be less likely to interact and eventually unsubscribe from your updates altogether.

How long should a Linkedin update be?

Your updates can range anywhere between 100-500 words but it also depends on what type of content you want to share: some may only require a paragraph or two while others will take up more space so there is no set standard for this length as each person has their own preference when reading online articles and blogs. Just make sure that whatever you do publish, readers won’t get overwhelmed by the amount of content you publish.

What are some good topics to write about when posting on linkedin

Topics to write about should be:

  • Anything that is relevant to your current industry, company and/or job
  • Tips on best practices in the workplace
  • Life hacks for navigating various parts of life
  • Inspirational quotes or messages from others. Keep it uplifting!

What are some benefits of using linkedin for business promotion and marketing 

Promoting your business on Linkedin can:

  • Allow you to find and connect with best customers
  • Help build your social media presence
  • Drive traffic back to your website, blog or online store
  • Expand your reach in the industry. If job opportunities are available from other companies, Linkedin can help make a connection for you!

What’s one thing that people should never do on Linkedin?

Never post anything personal on LinkedIn as it is not a place where private issues belong. This includes any posts about family health crises or political feelings which may be interpreted by others negatively. Keep all of these topics off of LinkedIn (as they don’t have much relevance anyways).

The importance of using a call-to-action in your posts

Using a call-to-action in your post can:

  • Drive more people to your content, blog post or website
  • Increase the time they spend viewing it in order for them to take an action (such as click on a link)
  • Help build relationships with potential customers who may be interested in what you have to offer.