What Is The Best Time to Buy a Washer And Dryer?

Buying appliances is a significant purchase.

Considering that buying a high-quality appliance can leave a huge dent in your wallet, it is always good to identify the best time to buy appliances. Doing some research and planning will help you grab each machine at the best deal possible.

If you are in the market specifically for a new washing machine or dryer, the best time to make a purchase is when retailers need you more than you need a new appliance.

So, what is the best time to buy a dishwasher and dryer? The best time to purchase a washer or dryer is when new machines are rolled out in September. You can also get better deals during Black Friday weekends.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the best time to buy washers and dryers. Keep scrolling.

When to purchase a new washer and dryer

If you want to save money when purchasing big-ticket appliances, timing is essential. Proper planning ensures you acquire machines at a suitable period for bargains. More often than not, this means you will get more value for your money.

When to purchase a new washer and dryer

The best time to buy home amenities (except refrigerators) is usually in September and October when stores are eager to clear old inventory as they launch newer stock. Interestingly, most retailers offer heavy discounts on new inventory.

If you can’t wait for these mostly recognized sales and offers, you can still save when buying a washer and dryer. You can get nice deals when you shop on holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Labour Day, New Year’s. On most holidays, you will find favorable bargains and exchange offers.

Washer and Dryer Buying Tips

While timing is vital when buying major appliances, it is not everything. You should keep an eye on other factors that matter to ensure you’re buying a machine that suits your requirements.

Before you jump into buying any home device, you need to set your own terms. This ensures you do not fall for unnecessary offers. Whatever the piece you buy, it should be of good quality with reasonable discounts.

Notably, year-to-year upgrades come with new styles and features. With this in mind, you will find it easy to get a washing machine or dryer that does not put you at a functional disadvantage.

Washer and Dryer Buying Tips

After finding the devices you want, your next step should be comparing the prices from various retailers. Different stores tend to offer varying price tags for similar products. This definitely means comparing prices will help you get a more fantastic deal.

Even when buying the cheapest washer and dryer, it is of utmost importance to keep an eye on additional costs like delivery fees and installation costs. You should also keep in mind that most stores will offer you an extended warranty.


As with most appliances, you will most likely see greater deals and selections for washers and dryers in the last third of each year. Buying at this time will ensure you get the piece you want at a much lesser price.

All the same, don’t forget that seasons, holidays, promotions, and product life cycles affect pricing. That’s why it is important to research before you start shopping.

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