The Best Time to Buy a Pop Up Camper

Pop up campers are great for those who love to travel and explore the outdoors. They make a pop up camper an ideal option for anyone who wants to enjoy nature on their own terms, without having to worry about where they will stay each night! With so many pop up campers available for purchase these days, it can be difficult to find one that matches your needs perfectly. In this blog post we’ll help you figure out when is the best time of year to buy a pop up camper so that you don’t end up with buyer’s remorse over your new investment.

Why buy a pop up camper?

Pop up campers are easy to set up and take down, so you can go wherever you want without the hassle of planning ahead for lodging. Pop up campers offer an environmentally friendly option for those who love camping but don’t like leaving trash behind on the ground or in a dumpster.

Best time to buy pop up camper:

The best time of year is typically during one of two times – either early spring before Memorial Day when it starts getting hot out, or just after Labor Day when kids have gone back to school. This way your pop up camper will be able to sit idle safely until next season’s adventures begin!

Pop up camper hacks

Knowing a few tricks and hacks can make your pop up camper more enjoyable for you and those who are sharing it with you. One of the most important considerations is getting a pop-up that will fit all your needs – so measure carefully before purchasing!

Pop up campers also need to be stored properly in order to last as long as possible, which means not just throwing them into a corner or underneath bushes. If yours has metal components (such as hinges) these should be wrapped tightly when storing your pop-up camper; this prevents corrosion from forming on surfaces like screws and bolts.

You’ll want to store any stained bedding separately too, which may include anything from sheets to tent seats.

Air conditioning

Finding an air conditioner for your pop-up camper is as easy (or difficult) as finding one for a home. You can buy an AC unit that’s designed to work with pop ups, or simply find another air conditioner that will fit the dimensions of your vehicle.

Keep in mind where you plan on using it most often – if it’s just for weekend camping trips then you may not need something too big and powerful. If you’re planning on staying out all day every day during the summer months, go ahead and get yourself a good-sized pop up camper air conditioning system!

Bathrooms and Toilets

A functioning bathroom with a toilet is a must for pop up campers. If you’re anything like me, that means having one in your pop-up camper is a good idea if it has the space.

If not – and I hope you don’t have to share my need – you’ll want to get yourself a portable camping toilet with a pop up tent trailer or similar product.

Water Supply

A common question about pop up campers are what kind of water they use! The answer will depend on how often you purchase bottled water, as well as where out adventures take us . We prefer using our regular tap and drinking from plastic bottles which we fill at home and then bring along for the trip.

Hard Sided vs Soft Sided

Hard-sided camper tents are the best pop up camper for people who want to take their tent trailer with them when they travel. It adds a little bit of extra weight for the pop up camper, but it’s a lot more stable.

Purchasing a pop up tent trailer is an excellent idea for someone who wants to camp in their local area or on land they own because when you’re done camping, you can pack everything back into the pop up camper and leave without any traces of your presence.

Pop Up Campers are perfect for people who want to get out there and enjoy nature but don’t have time or money to buy a permanent pop-up home . They come with all sorts of features that make them ideal for long-term living too!

Trailer Hitch Connection

A pop-up camper is a great solution if you’re looking for somewhere comfortable and convenient to sleep as we explore our country’s wilderness, but what about those times in between adventures?

That means being able to tow it behind your car or hitch it onto the back of your truck – either way, this will make it easy to get set up any time you like. This also increases its versatility which means that not only can be used on trips, but at home too!


A collapsible camper means you don’t need a lot of space to store it, and the pop up can be taken down in just seconds so you won’t have any trouble finding storage.

This means that if your kids want to go camping for the weekend or even overnight, then this will fit into their small car without taking up too much room!

What’s more is that these pop-up campers are designed with an aluminum frame which makes them lightweight yet durable at the same time – perfect for those who might not have a huge truck but would still like something comfortable on long trips.


Lightweight campers are great for those who need something that is easy for them to pop up and take down. They are also great because they don’t require a lot of storage space, which can be hard if you live in an apartment or have limited outdoor space.


These pop-up campers use aluminum frames, so the camper will last for years without any trouble. And this means it’s built from quality materials – not cheap plastic parts like many other pop up trailers on the market today! What makes these pop ups even more durable is how lightweight they are as well; when combined with their sturdy construction made out of aluminum frame material, then there should be no worries about safety at all!


Canopies are for nature lovers, the ones who love the outdoors and want to be able to pop up their camper in scenic, secluded places. The pop-up canopy is easy enough for anyone with two hands and a bit of strength; it can pop up quickly by following three simple steps – unfold the frame, attach the roof bars, then raise the top!

Storage Space

The pop-ups offer plenty of storage space inside as well as outside. On one side you have ample room for storing your bedding sets or even clothing while on the other side there are sufficient storage compartments perfect for holding canned food items like beans or soup cans. Even if all this seems too small, each compartment has its own detachable lid.

A Frame

A Frame campers are simple pop-up camper tents that are attached to a metal or aluminum frame. They pop up and tent down in seconds with no assembly required, so they’re perfect for when you just need something quick and easy but still want the protection of camping out under cover instead of braving the rain outside.

Two Person Camper

Two-person campers are pop up campers that are small enough to be pulled behind a standard car. They’re typically less expensive than larger pop-up camper tents and also have features such as an enclosed area for storing your gear or food, storage space underneath the pop up tent, and more room inside.

Four Person Pop Up Campers

A four-person pop up camper is perfect if you want some extra space but still don’t need all the bells and whistles of a large pop-up camping cabin. These types of campers come with two beds instead of one so there’s plenty of sleeping options in case you get stuck out somewhere without another vehicle available to pull it back home!

Best Pop up campers for sale

Finding the best pop up camper for sale is a process that can be overwhelming, with so many pop up tents and pop-up camper for sale options out there. The best pop-up tent or pop up camper for sale is the one you’re most comfortable in!

Pop Up Campers Canada

There are also pop up campers available to buy from retailers within your own country but some may not come fully assembled which means it will require more time & effort (and maybe even an extra pair of hands) to get them ready before they hit the road.

Tent Trailer Vs Pop Up Camper

A tent trailer seems like a great alternative because it’s more affordable than buying both a pop-up camping cabin AND a towable RV.

Used popup trailers

Buying a used popup trailer is a great way to save money but you may be limited in what’s available and pop up campers for sale.

Pop Up Camping Cabin

Buying a pop-up camping cabin is the most expensive option of all three pop up camper brands because they’re also equipped with kitchens, beds, bathrooms and heating/air conditioning systems which will make it easier to travel more comfortably when the weather isn’t so hot.

Other Considerations When Buying Pop Ups

In addition to budget concerns, there are other considerations like size & weight that might affect your decision as well – especially if you plan on driving through mountains or over rough terrain. If possible try out different pop ups before making a purchase!

Cheap pop up campers

Buying a cheap pop up camper is a good option for those who want to buy popups and don’t have much money. The cheapest pop up campers are usually the tent trailers, which are built on top of trucks with an attached frame that can be pulled by any type of vehicle.

Canvas Replacement and Repair

A canvas is a commonly used fabric for pop up campers. It can be easily replaced by buying a new canvas and installing it over the existing frame. A canvas will typically last for a year or two, depending on the quality.

Pop Up Camper Rentals

Renting pop up campers is an option for those who are looking for the convenience of popups without having to buy one. There are many camping/rental companies online that offer pop ups with different amenities and features at various price ranges; some even allow you to choose your own model!

Luxury pop up campers

A luxury popup camper is for those who want to have the best pop up camper experience possible. These are relatively new pop ups that offer a premier camping experience with many luxurious features such as cozy beds, LCD TVs, and much more!

Self-Inflating Camping Mattresses

A self-inflating camping mattress is designed to be lightweight so it can easily fit into any pop up camper or tent trailer.

Camping Furniture

If you’re looking for items like tables, chairs, BBQ grills and other things necessary for a good camping trip look no further than your local Walmart store. They carry all of these items at competitive prices which means they’ll work just great for your next weekend getaway with friends or family members


Jayco popup campers are best known for their reliability, durability, and affordability.

The pop up camper is a great choice for any family who enjoys the outdoors and wants to explore as much of it as possible! It’s also easy to take down for those rainy days when you need some shelter indoors or just want some protection from bugs like mosquitoes.


Scamper popup campers are designed for those who are looking to go off the grid. They can be equipped with solar panels and a pop up tent that is easily collapsible for easy transport, so you’re on your way no matter where life takes you!


The pop-up camper by Sunlite isn’t just great for weekends away because they have pop-in bathtubs to make camping comfortable year-round. You’ll never feel like an outsider at any campground again when this portable dwelling comes along with all of its amenities including furniture.


Roadtrek popup campers offer everything from rooftop tents which gives more visibility while cooking or enjoying the view as well as access to bedding without having to use stairs.


Apache campers are used mostly by hunters and fishermen as pop-up campers are the best option when you want to be able to explore a lot of ground without having your vehicle on a trailer.


The Keystone pop up camper is perfect for those looking for an affordable pop up camper that doesn’t sacrifice quality with its vinyl flooring, power roof vent fan, spacious living area, and more.

Alps Mountaineering Taurus Jr Large Pop Up Camper The Alps Campers have been around since 1969 which means they know what it takes to produce a great pop-up camper such as their large sleeping capacity with lots of storage space plus many other features!

Coleman pop up campers with bathrooms

Coleman pop up campers usually have bathrooms which means you can pop up the bathroom and use it. This is perfect for those who are looking to camp in a remote location where there may not be any restrooms available nearby.