What is the Best Time to Buy a New Cell Phone?

A smartphone is one of the essential devices to have in your home. Besides being used for calls, you can access social media and other sites with it. So, if you want to buy a smartphone, you will always look for the best deals to save you money. Right?

Buying the smartphone immediately after its release may seem convenient, but it’s a wrong idea. You end up paying more for it. Instead, it would help if you bought the phone during its pre-order period because you will get the phone on its launch, and you will have the best discounts or deals.

What is the best time to buy a new cell phone?

The best time for buying a cellphone is when it is about a month before its successor is launched. At this time, the retailers will offer discounts to get rid of the remaining stocks of the phone. And once the successor hits the shelves, you will even enjoy bigger discounts.

What is the best time of year to buy a new phone?

In the mobile phone market, prices can change at any time in weeks or months. Therefore, there is no specific time which is best for buying a phone. But if you want a lower price, then the older models would be more convenient.

what is the best time to year to buy a new cellphone smart phone

But if you need a new phone, then check the market to get the best deal. Some days like Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays have amazing discounts, deals, and offers. Ensure you have cash at hand during these periods.

These are also some of the best times to buy a laptop or even some much-needed brand-name power tools.

When do phones go on sale?

Phones are usually sold the moment the manufacturer starts creating the models. During this period, the phones are available for purchase via pre orders.

What is the best time to buy a Samsung smartphone?

The best time to buy a Samsung phone is in early February or March. This is the preorder period for the phones because Samsung usually releases their phone in March. When you order the phone during this period, you will receive the best discounts, and, at times, you may even receive additional accessories such as Bluetooth headphones.

Once they are released, the discounts will start popping up in May, and you can buy them at this time.

What is the best time to buy an iPhone?

Apple usually releases their phones in September, and therefore, the best time to order is early September. You will get amazing discounts and have the phone on your doorstep in 2-4 weeks. November is also a good month to buy as the prices will likely have dropped by this time.

Fun fact: iPhones are one of the most frequently used devices for posting to Instagram.

When do cell phone prices drop?

The prices of cell phones usually drop when there is a newer model about to be launched. During this time, the retailers will want to clear them from their stock to create room for the latest models.

Bottom Line

If you are looking to get the best deals when buying your new phone, research is a must-have skill. You need to compare the different online stores and find the ones with the best prices.

Also, note that Black Fridays are in every November, and you will get amazing deals on your favorite phones. And besides, you don’t have to travel to the store; instead, you can order everything from your home to avoid the crowds in the retailer’s shop.