When Is The Best Time To Buy a Laptop?

When you’re buying a laptop, you don’t want to get left in the dust. You work hard for you money, and your laptop should work hard for you. You should buy a laptop that is future-proof and won’t be worthless in six months.

It’s important to recognize the best times to buy a laptop because you may end up spending too much money on a laptop that could have been bought for much cheaper. Or worse, the newer model comes out two weeks later and it costs the same you paid for the older model!

The best time to buy a laptop

The best time to buy a laptop is right around the beginning of any school year. Many students are given money to spend on books, tuition, rent, as well as food.

Most young students who have never been trusted with large amounts of money are suddenly entrusted with thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars. With this kind of money sitting in their bank accounts, the more expensive purchases start to seem a lot more obtainable. These students almost always end up learning a hard lesson in personal finance.

student shopping for a laptop

When the real costs start to creep up on them, they realize their impulsive purchase decisions are not actually sustainable. The time comes to sell all the goodies they’ve been holding onto. You can find a lot of second-hand laptops that have only been used for a couple of weeks, and at most a couple of months. Use websites like Kijiji, Craiglist, or Facebook Marketplace to find classified ads from people looking to make some of their money back.

The next best time to buy a latop

The next best time to buy a laptop would be around any major shopping holiday. These include boxing day, Black Friday, and cyber Monday. Many big-name brand stores will try to clear all their inventory on these days. To do so, they price their products very competitively. Many people who are waiting for a good deal are waiting for these days to come by, whether you’re shopping for laptops, cell phones, or power tools.

black friday laptop

A word of warning!

When shopping for electronics, such as laptops, big box stores know they can get away with selling defective products that have no return policy on these days. Not all electronics are made equal. Many manufacturers will set aside the faulty electronics into a “bad batch” pile and sell these to big box stores at a severely reduced rate.

Electronics that are meant to live three to five years will die much quicker. It is highly advised you cover your bases with extended warranties if you’re buying electronics on these shopping holidays.

Where to buy laptops

One of the most reliable places you can buy a laptop is in-person at the actual store that sells the laptop. Speaking to a store salesman or representative can help you track down exactly what you need, especially if you aren’t familiar with computer parts and terminology.

It also very common to order a laptop online. If you’re familiar with what your needs are and you can find a laptop that suits your needs, you can feel confident in knowing that ordering a laptop online is perfectly normal and many people do it on a regular basis.

Shop for laptops online

Just be sure to order from a store that has a strong return policy in case anything shows that wasn’t described exactly like what you purchased.