When Is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop Computer?

The best time to buy a laptop computer is when you need one. This might seem like a silly answer, but it’s the truth. There are many factors that go into buying a laptop computer and knowing these can help you make the best decision for your situation. Do you have specific needs? Is there an upcoming event in which this device will be used? Are there any special discounts available? These are all questions that should be considered before deciding on anything!

1. Think about your needs – are you going to need a graphics card, or just a basic computer for school work and web browsing?

If you need a laptop for work or school, then think about what software best suits your needs. Will you require Microsoft Office? Do you want to run Photoshop as well?

Are the programs that will be used on this device compatible with Windows or Mac OSX operating systems? There are plenty of other reasons why certain devices are better than others.

2. Consider what size of laptop you want – 13″ is the most popular, but there are also 15″ laptops that have more screen space

Screen space is a dealbreaker for many laptop users. If you are used to a screen size of 17 inches, for example, then it will be difficult to get work done on a laptop with just 15-inch screen.

This is also true if you need more than one monitor while working (e.g., video editing).

3. Decide how much storage you need – if you’re storing lots of photos then it’s worth investing in something with an SSD drive

Storage space can turn into a really big issue fairly quickly. For some people, there’s nothing worse than being unable to take a photo because their laptop is out of space.

This can be particularly troublesome for photographers who are storing lots of images on the computer and need more storage than what comes standard with most laptops.

4. Think about battery life when buying a laptop- some models can last up to 12 hours on one charge!

Battery life is always poor on a laptop. A battery loses health over time and will eventually need a replacement.

But if you invest in a laptop with an SSD drive, your battery life may be significantly better.

SSD drives use less power than traditional hard drives which translates to longer battery life and faster boot-up times.

This is one of the best reasons for getting an SSD upgrade on your current laptop or buying a new laptop altogether!

5. Consider the weight of your new laptop and whether or not this is important to you 

The weight of a laptop makes it generally more enjoyable to use and carry around.

Laptops with a weight under three pounds are best for the best portability.

If you specifically need something more lightweight, there are specially designed laptops that weigh less than one pound, like the Asus Chromebook Flip.

6. Make sure that all features are compatible with your operating system and any other software/hardware devices

Your smartphone, mouse, keyboard, and any other devices should work seamlessly with your new laptop.

For best compatibility, you should buy a laptop that has the same processor as what is in your desktop computer or tablet PC.  The best way to find out if this will be an issue for you is to ask yourself: “What devices am I using now?” and then see if they are on the list.