When is the Best Time to Book an International Flight?

When is the best time to book an international flight? Anyone who has ever tried to find a good price on an international flight knows that it can be difficult. There are so many options and they all seem to change in price every day, but what is the best time of year to buy one?

In this blog post, we will explore when you should book your next international flight based on cost.

Booking Your Flight In Advance

One of the best ways to book a flight is by booking it well in advance. This does not necessarily mean three months before your scheduled departure date, but rather about six weeks or so depending on where you are traveling and when during that time period you plan to leave. Most airlines offer discount fares for flights booked early which can save you lots of money.

  • Save time and know that you have your flights booked in advance
  • Get a head start on reserving those dream vacation spots 
  • Get great deals on airfare even when they are sold out – set your price range and find the best deal
  • Book multiple people at once, no more running around to make sure everyone’s flight is confirmed

Booking as Late As Possible

Another good time to book an international flight is when you are ready. This might be a day before or even the morning of your departure date and can save some money depending on what type of fare you purchase. Many people who fly frequently will buy their tickets at the airport, but not everyone has this kind of luck.

  • You’ll get cheaper airfare when the flights are less expensive 
  • Get discounts of up to 50% off 
  • When there’s only one seat left, you can have it! 
  • Can tour around the country without breaking your budget

Avoid Booking on Weekends

As a general rule of thumb, avoid booking international flights during the weekends. Weekends are often busy travel days and you may find that your desired flight is overbooked or already taken. It’s best to book on Tuesday for international departures on Wednesday or Thursday because these dates are typically less busy than the weekend.

Book Your Flights In The Morning

If you’re looking for the best time to book international flights, it’s suggested that you do so in the morning. This will give your reservation priority over those who may have booked after you and can save some money depending on what type of fare you purchase.

Buying Travel Insurance

Buying travel insurance is important because it will protect you from any potential issues that could happen while traveling. If you’re traveling internationally, it’s best to buy travel insurance that will cover both the airfare and your destination.

  • Peace of mind by getting you back on your feet in case anything bad could happen
  • All the necessities for when things go wrong
  • Protection from unforeseen situations that could happen during your trip


The best time to book an international flight is when you are ready. Whether that means just hours before the flight or months in advance, it doesn’t matter as long as you have done your research and found a great deal for both yourself and those traveling with you.