Best Moon Phase for Saltwater Fishing

The moon phase can affect the saltwater fishing. The moon cycle is important to know for those who take advantage of our waterways, especially for anglers in Florida where salt water dominates.

There are four basic moon phases: waxing moon, full moon, waning moon and new moon. Each has its own effect on the tides and how they affect your next trip out to sea.

So when you plan a fishing trip or are just thinking about taking up this pastime as a hobby, it’s helpful to know what phase the moon is in at that particular time so you can schedule accordingly!

1. The best moon phase for saltwater fishing is the full moon.

The moon has the most gravitational pull, and this will cause tides to be at their highest point during a full moon. This is when fish are typically more active due to feeding on baitfish that they follow up into shallow water as well as eating larger prey like crabs or small sealife.

2. The next best phases are the new and waxing crescent moons

New and waxing crescent moons are the next best moon phases for saltwater fishing.

New moons are when there is no moon visible and waxing crescent moons have a lightening arc on one side from where it’s emerging out of its dark phase (new moon). The low gravitational pull these phases offer will cause tides to be at their lowest points.

3. Avoid fishing during the waning gibbous, last quarter, or waning crescent moons 

Waning gibbous, last quarter, or waning crescent moons make for poor fishing conditions because the moon’s gravitational pull is so great that it has the potential to cause high tides. Avoid fishing during these moon phases for best results.

4. If you’ve never gone saltwater fishing before, here’s a helpful list of equipment that will make your trip more successful! 

Equipment used for saltwater fishing:

  • saltwater fishing rod
  • baitcasting reel
  • spinning reel (optional)
  • artificial or live bait  (live shrimp, for example)  
  • tackle box filled with hooks and weights of various sizes.
  • You should also have a variety of lures handy in case you need to get creative.

5. Consider taking a guided tour

The first few times you go saltwater fishing, make sure that you have the proper equipment and bait! A guided tour can give jumpstart your level of experience ahead by months or years. Going along with experienced fishermen in your area will help you learn the most important moon phases to make your saltwater fishing trip more successful!